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2010 Stardolls Last Days

Heres a comment from Krist33n, which basically sums up Stardoll in 2010. I liked it, so i had to post :)

WOW.. What a Year on Stardoll...!!!!

1. Totally new set up...sort of use to now but...
' we want our Purple and gold SD back please :)
2. Then huge price rises
3. Aaah , The Collectibles, we fly around with buckets of stars and by the end of the month we've a pretty doll :)
4. Interesting scenery 'another world' appeared..:)
5. Now we geometrically size, layer our suites....SD we are not mathematicians
6. Yeah NSS can buy from the star bazaar :))

Well what happens 2011??

love krist33n


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