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Greedy Stardoll?

I was just going through Superstar Giftcards and found something unfair. 
I find it ironic that there is a price difference. Why do I (a person from Australia) have to pay more than someone from the USA? 

The Australian Dollar is currently trading 1.00036 US cents so the Giftcard price should be lowered for Australian's.

But why is the price so high? Simple - Stardoll is greedy.

What do you think of the prices?
Do you think it is fair?
Do you think Stardoll is greedy?



Becca said...

I think its a waste of money to become superstar. i'm happy being a non-ss but i do agree that the gift card price should be lowered.

Anonymous said...

6 months- $35.70
12 months- $59.40

6 months- $47.70
12 months- $71.40

So that means aussies have to pay an extra $12.00 for a 6months giftcard and an extra $12.00 for a 12months giftcard. That's a rip off considering that the aussie dollar is worth more than the usa one.

EssRox said...

I agree with the posts above.
I also think that Australia should have the prepaid gift cards available at other stores too like the USA because it's much easier that way.

spider said...

You have to take into account the fact that Australian currency is different to American currency. It's the same amount but the American dollar is worth more than the Australian dollar. It's all about exchange rates etc etc

In short, stardoll isn't scamming anyone. It's just a difference in currencies.

love from gucci***gurl

MandyMister said...

That's the reason why I don't buy SS anymore!

Gabby said...

It's not the fact that Stardoll is greedy. You have to know that transfering the money to American costs money, the workers who transfer the money charges fees. It's not a scam. Just like when you go to ATM's you are charged a fee if you want to withdraw money. And like "spider" said American money is worth more than Australian. You also have to consider the demand of being a Superstar.

princessjuju123 said...

I think this is unfair but it is also to say that stardoll is greedy. I mean come on what would you guys do without stardoll? i know it would suck so cut them a break they do more and they need to get money to run the site.

x-supagirl-x said...

Thats true! :@
Im from Australia too!

natasha-rox286 said...

but the australia doller
is worth more.

natasha-rox286 said...

oh hang on i think US is more now
lol IDK

Abby said...

it's because there is a currency difference, so really they cost the same!

Anonymous said...

thet DONT cost the same cause the AUD is now parity with the USD. there is no currency difference at the moment. its the same with itunes, and is indeed a massive rip off.

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