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There are many Stardoll User-Based magazines. They all seem to be the same but now, there's a change. I've created a magazine called Oztralis - The Mag Down Under (Or "Oztralis Magazine" for short) and it's for Australian's only. Not only will Oztralis be featuring things Stardoll related, it will also be featuring things from Real Life such as sceneries or well known tourist destinations.

If you were born in Australia or currently live in Australia, you can apply. We're looking for Writers, Models, A CG/CB and an Interviewer. If you'd like to Media Partners, click on the tab for it.

We hope that this will be a huge success and we're eagerly awaiting applications.

Oztralis - The Mag Down Under

Click on the tabs at the top of the page to apply for different things. Make sure to fill out the form correctly and have all the criteria to be eligible to apply.  

Hope to see you soon! And who knows, you could be the first face of Oztralis!



sssaaammm said...

brilliant idea

Hannah said...

Please i beg you to let me be a covergirl! I really beg you...Although i am not Australian , i am english..I would love to be a covergirl for this website...I beg you with all my hear..! I check out your blog every single day and i try and do most of the cheats! I really would love to be covergirl :)

natasha-rox286 said...

i'm australian
so i'm so applying

Taylor said...

Do you make these? If so, I'd like you to make me one PLEASE!!

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