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Hi Naomi_b here...
my today's feature is this amazing room done by ceci4930 who has made a room using a horse from pet a porter (so we know now that new wild animals have been added)
the room looks as if it is like a wild beautiful garden with a house (the stairs guide us that)
it sure looks like a heaven garden..
pls give her some comments for her superb attempt
If you think you are as creative as her then let me know
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Anonymous said...

oh thank you!
xxx ceci4930

Anonymous said...

hey yr gay

KapownallCeleb said...

Can I be featured as a designer?? Please tell me! I would also love to write on this blog as well!!!

Anonymous said...

This blog is lame. You don't have as many readers as SMW have. And all the writers are sooooooo inactive. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

I agree. This blog the lamest blog about stardoll. The most funniest thing is that the blog creator (thatgirlsophy) didn't writed here for aaageees!....Lame,Lame,Lame! And these posts about the best suites .... are also lame!

- Saleisha

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