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Hotbuys Dress Released!

The Hotbuys dress has been released. It is SS only, from RIO and costs 20sd. I believe it's expensive. 

What do you think of it?
I don't really like it but I prefer the Stardoll version more; what about you?

Real life-

Dress by Thomas Wylde

How about a hotbuys dressup poll?
The winner can get some Covergirl votes from me :]


Rachael said...

I sort of like the dress but i'm not ss so i won't buy it.

Anonymous said...

I think the dress in ok and also prefer the stardoll 1 but im not sure if im going to buy it

Anonymous said...

I actually really like the stardoll version. I'm really into it.I'm not going to be annonymous anymore, but I'm only going to use my stardoll name when i comment.

Anonymous said...

i like it, but its a little to expensive i think

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