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India wins ICC WORLD CUP in cricket

Hey naomi_b here
i know this is something truely off stardoll...and i am sorry for doing this...yet i would like to show what my country has done lately
Cricket is a game popular in asia mainly and lately we had the ICC WORLD CUP (which happens every 4 years) its the best platform for cricket
about 14 countries took part this time out of which the final was between india and sri lanka
Finally we have India who has won the world cup
it is a great honour for us indians and being the probably on Indian writer on a blog and the most experienced stardoll member from India too i take this oppurtunity to tell this news to my beloved blog reader
i even requested stardoll to do something for us on account of this victory yet i have no reply's from them
In reality all the people came down on the street and we all danced until 3-4 am...there were people on cars n bikes with flags and singing songs etc...its a great achievement for us
If you can please write a mail to stardoll to do something for us as i have seen that stardoll has never done something for the Indians...
its no impossion just a request and if you dont want it to happen then please ignore it
thanks to all for reading


Balaji @ Domnos India said...

When i will order the dominos pizza i got one surprise and great news from other side. last time india vs australia at that time i bought one pizza. india will win first time defeat in anustralia in world cup match semi final. so i bought 3 dominos pizza they will 30 differ run.. oh next time i will bought 10 pizza. india will win by 10 balls remaining what a pretty. thanks dominos pizza

PwincessSara/Sara said...

My family is Indian. I was supporting Pakistan in the semis, then Sri-Lanka in the finals. Idk why, to annoy Dad I guess :P

Did you Know? This is the first time the ICC has been won by a team on home soil?

Anonymous said...

chak de india!!!!!! i was jumping up and down when dhoni hit that beautiful 6!!!!!

KapownallCeleb said...

Congrats!! By the way, can i write on this blog as well?? Please check out my designs and my blog on Stardoll. I would love to write on a real blog though. Please and Thank You!

KapownallCeleb said...

Hi I would love to write on this blog!! I always look for cheats an this blog is not as busy as it used to be!


Mila said...


P.S : follow me

Anonymous said...

i'm from Bangladesh!

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