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Free Earrings

These gorgeous earrings are from a contest in Poland to support the new Superstar Doll, Agnieszka Chylinska. You'll need a proxy to get them. Proxies aren't always safe. You use this at your own risk, but you're advised to click off any popups straight away, and don't click any links you don't recognize.

I used, that is the Polish proxy I always use and it hasn't failed me or given me a virus yet. You should do a virus scan afterwards just in case, though.

Go to the proxy, and type this into the box:

Press go, and wait for the page to load. Log into your Stardoll account, and then change the address in the proxy bar to this:

Ok, once this page loads log off, get out of the proxy, and log onto Stardoll on a normal internet page to make sure you got the earrings. They should be in your Beauty Parlor in a bag!

Man, Poland certainly gets a lot of good contests :] If you're from Poland, you can simply use the links without the proxy!

xoxo, Colleen ♥


LikaLaruku said...

Yay! These will be my first-est stardoll earrings.

Unknown said...

this has nothing to do with the post but i have a question.
stardoll was supposed to give 50% of our purchases back for up to 80 stardollars from over the weekend and i have not yet received mine yet. am i the only one? and how do i write to stardoll asking them?

bloomtwo said...

LOve those earrings!!

sports_girl said...

Jackie: I didn't recieve mine yet either. I'll check Stardoll today, and make a post later about what to do next, okay?

Anonymous said...

thx really cute

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